Rainium – Sounds of Berlin

On the opposite direction of what many metallers think, the so-called 1980s Hard Rock wasn’t a monolithic movement. Better yet, it wasn’t any movement at all. The shinny and glitery image many bands showed was just a facete of them. For many, for those bands the image was bigger than the music. I believr that for some that was part of the truth. But not only. Because of that wrongful thought, the bias against them rose bigger than imagined and many bands that were really compromised with the music were also shadowed. It’s natural, unfortunetely. Of course, there were many things in common among them, but it’s impossible to posit that many weren’t heavy. LKet’s take Twisted Sisters for instance which are a band that many metallers respect – besides that many listen and adore them in a hidden place, or not. But few can’t dare to say that they aren’t the real deal for the passion for the music they played and believed in. If you they aren’t heavy enough for you, I can accept that, but you can’t say they aren’t heavy or they are fake.

As anything in the movements of life that makes things fade away and then, once in a while, reappear, Hard Rock is getting their chance. Here we have Rainium with their debut album “Sounds of Berlin” which gathers they best features 1980’s band had. They are the emotion, the heaviness, the musicianship, the power and the glory. “Sounds of Berlin” isn’t monolithic either as many expect, it’s varied with many layers of music and elements. Sometimes they sound as Poison, other times they heavier with remarkable riffing as Mötley Crüe, and it goes on. By the way, the riffing is quite a stapler of Rainium, if you ask me. There are lots of examples to address in the album, as for instance “Right Here Right Now” and “In the Dead of Winter,” which is instrumental Def Lepard loved to do, whose guitars sound a lot like NWOBHM with a party to go. A fun fact about the album is that the last three songs are remakes of some sort. Can’t imagine the reason why.

“Sounds of Berlin” sounds like a party, but the hell of a good party. Everybody is alowed one in a while to party, even the darkest metaller ever. So, enjoy the fun and the good music that comes from Rainium and “Sounds of Berlin.”

Rainium “Sounds of Berlin” was independently released in 2019.

Track Listing:

  1. ET (Et Toujours)
  2. Two Friends
  3. Sounds of Berlin
  4. In the Dead of Winter
  5. Farewell
  6. Right Here Right Now
  7. Just the One
  8. Gypsy
  9. Wake Up
  10. Right Here Right Now (Two Vocalists Bonus Track)
  11. In The Dead Of Winter (Instrumental Demo)
  12. Just The One (Demo)

Watch “Sounds of Berlin” official music video here:

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