Red Bazar – Inverted Reality Review

It’s been a tradition here to review Prog Rock albums. I lost account of how many Art Rock or Prog Rock albums I reviewed here even though I admit I don’t know the difference between Art Rock and Prog Rock. For them it’s possible to get to know that Prog Rock is, at least, as diverse as Metal music. This Red Bazar with “Inverted Reality” is pretty different from the previous albums we had here. Many may think the keyboards are the trait that gives Prog Rock its main stapler. Red Bazar prove it’s not. Besides that the band proves it’s possible to make some Prog Rock without having prominent keyboarding. That’s not what my dear child of the night will find here. The Prog Rock here is a bit more subtle than that.

With “Inverted Reality” Red Bazar opted for some unusual melodic and harmonic constructions always looking for the solution that would fit the best into the umbrella they chose. It’s not that difficult to notice that the band plays Prog Rock even though some tracks as the grand finale “Stop the World” sounds a little bit Metal. In the Prog Rock world the distortion is often used to show dissonance or some kind of tension. In most cases the band tries to adjust them into the intent of the song tittle. On the other hand, album welcomer “One out of Three” sounds a bit more accessible by using some electronic white noise. By the way, pay close attention to the complex and intricate bass lines. They are just amazing. As in most of their peers, the track has some unusual vocal lines. All those intertwine with great guitar riffings. Again, as usual, during its six minutes “One out of Three” takes very different paths. “Spirit of Man” is a moodier song with lots of strummings and a prominent bass. It’s interesting to note that the guitar solo in here is built to tell a story. It’s as if it were a story inside the story. Something like that, if you know what I mean.

Red Bazar with “Inverted Reality” isn’t that far from Prog Metal. Well, I guess many would say it’s Prog Metal due to tracks as the aforementioned “Stop the World.” But make no mistake my dear child of the night, here we have a very interesting sample of modern Prog Rock. For the good or for the worst. You tell me.

Red Bazar “Inverted Reality” was released on September 30th via Whiteknight Records.

Track Listing:

  1. One out of Three
  2. Spirit of Man
  3. State of Disgrace
  4. Take Control
  5. Smokescreen
  6. Stop the World

Watch “State of Disgrace” official music video here: