Redreigner – S/T Review

Can my dear fan and child of the night wonder how a match of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, and Motörhead would be? I really wouldn’t but now I can with this self-tittled EP “Redreigner” with a bit of Doom, another bit of Old School Heavy Metal, and some Thrash on the vocals. That’s the flamming combination Redreigner deliver to the unadvised fan who thinks this Metal music world is only black and white. That’s the album to prove that our Metal music still has so much more to offer the fan.

An analysis – wow, analysis! – of this EP has to be done diving it in two distinct parts. The first is the vocals; and the second is the instrumentals. That’s why both show all the mix I mentioned before. It would be so easy, and temptating, to label “Redreigner” as a Melodic Death Metal album but the music delivered goes beyond it. Well, the band definies themselves as Death Metal. I agree but with some details to be pointed out. Ah, the details. Always them to frick everything up. Regarding to the vocals I totally agree but the instrumentals are something else mixing everything I mentioned before. Ah, with a prominent bass, the ugly duckling instrument of Metal music. Pay attention at the bass solo in “Myst” just to have an idea what I’m talking about because there’s much more hidden in the tracks. Hard to have this kind of bass performing in any Metal style.

Ok, first the vocals. They are as gruff as Lemmy’s but with more despair and rage and anger being a perfect sample of Extreme Metal vocals. However, they are deliver all the despair and pain modern Extreme Metal bands are delivering today. In short that’s the difference. Now the instrumentals. Well, first track “The Morbid Statistic” besides its cool tittle goes through different moods and cadences. At first it sounds as if it were Doom Metal to then speed it up and go like 1980s Heavy Metal. The most Black Sabbath driven song of the EP. The instrumental is pure Sabbath. That’s what I feel when I listen to it. My dear child of the night might have a different opnion. Now tittle track “Redreigner” gets more Thrash Metal a la Max Cavalera’s era Sepultura. The song is strong and cadenced. Interesting guitar riffs. In this song the guitars go loosing them up. It’s when they feel more confortable and perform their best. “Breed of Anger” is where Judas Priest come to play with the twin guitars however with a Pantera driven riffing – dang, I forgot to add Pantera in the beginning.

“Redreigner” is a fun EP. Very well recommended. Such a pity only four tracks…

Redreigner “Redreigner” will be released on March 04th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Morbid Statistic
  2. Redreigner
  3. Breed of Anger
  4. Myst

Watch “Redreigner” official video here: