Revoltons – Underwater Bells Pt.2 October 9th 1963 Act.1

Here’s an album that goes all fifty shades of Metal. Revoltons wrote an album that covers pretty much all Heavy Metal features going near, I said near, Extreme Metal. First thing that calls the eye is the long album title “Underwater Bells Pt.2 October 9th 1963 Act.1” which revolves around the devastating catastrophe of October 9, 1963, when the Vajont dam in the Alps in northeastern Italy was overwhelmed by a tidal wave, what became known as the ‘Vajont disaster’. This disaster was caused by a massive landslide from Monte Toc into the Vajont reservoir, gigantic masses of water subsequently poured down the valley, whereby the town of Longarone, the towns of Faé, Villanova and Erto and five others were completely destroyed and led to over 2.500 deaths. To date, more than half of the victims have not been found. Since some of the band members come directly from Vajont, Revoltons also want to do important remembrance work with the new release.

It calls the eye the interest of a Metal band to cover such subject. We all know Metal bands are some sort of attracted to violent and bloody happenings of all kinds, but this one is astonishing new even to me who leads everyday with bands and their subjects. My feeling is that somebody of anyone of the band’s families got involved in this tragedy. It would explain better the choice for this subject. Well, my congrats to Revoltons for bringing it up to us.

As I said in the beginning, “Underwater Bells Pt.2 October 9th 1963 Act.1” covers pretty much all Heavy Metal features. It kicks off fast and rapid with “Danger Silence Control” blasting as a very good Power Metal track. It is important to notice that this album doesnt’ go in a crescendo, it goes the other way around. Exception made to “Primal Shock” which has a vigorous grip. Ah, the album has twelve tracks and they are about the average lentgh of four minutes, exceptions made to “Slowmotion Apocalypse” which is the shortest and to “Grandmasters Of Death” which is the longest. In fact, the feeling the fan has listening to it is that there are twelve different Revoltons playing the tracks which is the outcome of the guests from many bands from their homeland. Ah, by the way, Mr. Blaze Bayley is the special guest. That’s a very interesting thing to reach. So all the tracks are directed to explain what happened in that such day. Each one tells a history which is musically filled with the most appropriate dressing the band finds appropriate. It’s not difficul to say that going that way “Underwater Bells Pt.2 October 9th 1963 Act.1” is a masterpiece.

Revoltons “Underwater Bells Pt.2 October 9th 1963 Act.1” was released on February 7th.

Track Listing:

  1. Danger Silence Control
  2. The Stars of the Night Before
  3. Slowmotion Apocalypse
  4. Mary and the Children
  5. October 9th 1963
  6. Erase New Earth Lord
  7. Hypnos and Thanatos
  8. Primal Shock
  9. The Powerless Wrath
  10. Criminal Organism
  11. Grandmasters of Death
  12. Through the Years

Watch “Danger Silence Control” official music video here: