RONNIE JAMES DIO’S Autobiography Will Finally Come out in 2020


It seems like Wendy Dio, Ronnie’s widow and manager, is working with Mick Wall, the wizard of rock/metal legends biographies, to finish the long-waited biography of the great singer. Wendy states that three quarters of the biography are already done. About that she said:

 “I’m working with Mick Wall, a journalist from England. And we’re working together. November and December, I’m bringing out… putting out more stuff. And it definitely will come out 2020.”

Asked about the news it will bring, she enthusiastically said:

“Oh, a lot of things. A lot of things about his childhood. Ronnie wrote the book up until the middle of RAINBOW. I know everything after that, and what I wanna do is keep it in his words. So what we’re doing is we’re finding lots of interviews and things. So I want it to continue in Ronnie‘s words, of what went on at that time and so on. So the part all the way up to the middle of RAINBOW is completely Ronnie. And there’s a lot of stories in there that a lot of people will be surprised about in his childhood.”

She also stated that Ronnie was a very humble (?) person:

“How he was a big star on stage and he was just such a wonderful human being offstage,” she said. “He loved animals; he did a lot of charity work with animals, autism… He was just a great person that loved people, loved his fans. He spent hours with his fans, because he always said, ‘I’ll never forget where I came from.’ He was a very special person. There’s not many people like Ronnie.”