Sadistik Forest – Morbid Majesties

“Morbid Majesties” has a slayerish grand opening with a frenetic and insane guitar solo in “Morbidly Majestic.” The right choice on an old school death metal.  Sadistik Forest guys really know how to bounce from all extreme metal genres. “Morbid Majesties” is like a never ending travel to all styles in extreme metal. Thirty-five minutes of a pure straight ahead death metal. Pure sonic bone crushing until the end.

With a sharp guitar duo, Sadistik Forest build layers and layers of good riffing embellished by inspired solos. Vocalist Markus Makkonen is an expert in the dark arts of growls and howls. Moreover, his voice seems to have come from the very depts of hell. Both plus a competent rhythm section make “Morbid Majesties” a very exciting album with great instrumental passages. Though, do not expect a bunchful of speed of light songs, There are indeed, but not only. For instance, “The Hour of Dread” and “Monsters of Death” are slow themes with cadenced guitars. Nevertheless, there are speed of light soongs, of course. “Destructive Art” is just one of them. And by the way, what a correct name for what they do in the song. Truely Sadistik Forest smash everything. Nothing is left behind after their destructive sonic waves.

Some songs like “Zero Progress” have intrincate guitar phrases combined with a machine gun drums. There are some passages that the guitar duo works with some dissonances to create a  mesmerizing aura which works fine. It takes some musical theory knowledge  to make them work properly. It’s so easy to be wrong. And the last, but least song, “Bones of a Giant,” by the way the longest, bounces to cadenced rhythms and slower atmospheres. The drums work is pretty creative with some double bass passages and some countertimes.

Sadistik Forest “Morbid Majesties” will be released on May 25th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Morbidly Majestic
  2. Decades of Torment Than Death
  3. The Hour of Dread
  4. Destructive Art
  5. Zero Progress
  6. Monsters of Death
  7. The Maelstrom Opens
  8. Bones of a Giant

Watch “Destructive Art” official video here: