Saqras Cult – The 9th King

Extreme Metal has established a lot of lines of attack in order to create the musical chaos on this sad and lonely little planet lost in a lost solar system in a mediocre galaxy. In this healthy intent, I must say, bands at times are the chaos themselves with extreme and advised musical choices. To walk on the edge takes a lot of sacrifice and care because bands want fans to actually listens to them, so the intended chaos can’t be that chaos. There has to be an order in it. Physics explain it better than I do.

Saqras Cult, the object of our review, chose to bring chaos using lots of dissonances and chaotic singing, of course, not in all tracks – there are only four of them in “The 9th King.” That’s what one notices listening to the title track. Saqras Cult mix lots of techniques as mesmerizing guitar riffs and an insane pounding drumming to raise chaos better. But, at the same time, they break the chaos bringing some fingered guitars and regular singing. This technique is very resourceful and helps a lot in the intent of the aforementioned organized chaos. On the other hand, all of a sudden the hypnotic chanting is back interweaven by a chaotic sonic mass where instruments are barely recognizable. It works fine to break again all expectations. Extreme Metal bands do it very well.

Following track “Endless Devotion” follows the idea. Drumming is more chaotic and nervous as if it were the instrument of raising some hell. Black Metal at its best because chaos, in a certain way, is part of life as well. There’s no way of denying it. Saqras Cult evolve resourcefully their idea of musical chaos with lots of guitar and vocal dissonances. The ancient thought that dissonances were the devil himself. But that’s where the magic touch is. To initiated ears Saqras Cult are a very good band which fulfills at large their intent. To change all the vibe, there is “Legends of Pururaucas” which slow and fingered kick off breaks all expectations. Vocals get even more insane when they are slower. What “Legends of Pururaucas” lacks in velocity, it gains in insanity. It’s the most insane track of all, though drumming goes on pounding and hypnotic. The effect is amazing and terrifying.

Saqras Cult and “The 9th King” do a terrific on raising hell. Manic black metallers, here’s your band.

Saqras Cult “The 9th King” was released on January 11th via Amor Fati Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. The 9th King
  2. Endless Devotion
  3. Legends Of Pururaucas
  4. Last Denial

Watch “Legends of Pururaucas” video here: