SÁRR – Ávitun

An utterly cry of grief and pain. That’s what “Avitum” is all about as an expression of what modern and cutting edge Black Metal offer the fan. It’s the absolute violent scream of all the aching and suffering that there is amlot in this sad, lonely, pathetic, and disgusting world. I couldn’t help it reminding Exciter’s battlecry “Mission Destry” while listening to SÁRR “Ávitum” because my guess is that their mission is to set the chaos, at least musical. I can’t help it mentioning that raising hell and bringing chaos was the prime intent of any respectful Black Metal band in the world. I don’t to place blame, but I guess modern Black Metal aren’t so sure of that. Just a guess. I don’t mean to pass any judgement either, but many bands fail to follow this simple rule. Not SÁRR. The band really raises musical hell on Earth setting a Black Metal chaos to the face of this sick planet.

“Ávitum” is an EP with only four tracks, but they are enough to get the message SÁRR want to pass the fan. The band set the strategy many bands are following regarding to vocals which is having no vocals properly said vocals, much of them are screams and utterly from hell yells except from some moments in each track when vocals come into a normality, if this word mans anything to the Black Metal world. That’s what I meant when I said that “Ávitum” is a cutting edge album. Instrumentals are also perfectly fit to the new Black Metal order and add some more chaos to their music with big and strong guitars. In “Vakr,” for instance, they present some kind of disorder or free noting, but they soon get together and give the song the needed power. If you have ever thought of how chaos would be, “Vakr” gives you a good example of it. Vocals are anything but maddened, completely maddened. Guitars in “Sakna” are also interesting due to the wall of sound they create giving the idea of much power than actually there is in it. “Sakna” is pretty relevant because it shows a different idea of musical chaos.

“Ávitum” is straight ahead as fans like it. There is no disappointment to hardcore fans.

SÁRR “Ávitum” is released on November 15th via Satanic Art Media.

Track Listing:

  1. Ávitun
  2. Vakr
  3. Sakna
  4. Løjask (Bonustrack)

Watch “Løjask” official lyric video here: