Savage Master – Creature Of The Flames

Here’s another piece of what are being made these days in terms of classic Metal. Savage Master are a band that play a full-hearted classic Metal. Intense riffing, screaming vocals, and furious guitar solos. No much, no less. Does any heavy metaller need anything else to get happy? I guess not. Savage Master are true Heavy Metal to the bone.

Savage Master’s intent is to make the listener goes back to golden days of Heavy Metal. And they were well-suceeded. “Creature Of The Flames” is an album that could have been recorded in the 1980s, and would do well. Guitar riffing is intense and strong, solo guitars use not so common techniques and sounds, and the singer is full-hearted and unique. “Creature Of The Flames” is an album of strong personality, no one can doubt that.

When you choose a musical style that are very far away from the mass media, you know that you’ll struggle, but the outcome can more pure, as long as you don’t have the pressure to make hits. In a nutshel, you can do whatever you want. That what happens to Savage Master’s “Creature Of The Flames.” It’s the pure product of true desire, of faith in what you believe it’s real. “Creature Of The Flames” is the product of passion. Why would anyone invest in a sound that is claimed to be “outdated” for at least 20 years? I have no other answer. Pure passion. No one will get rich doing that kind of music. But who cares? We can get very, but very happy with bands like Savage Master. And that’s what really matters, isn’t it guys?

What can you find in “Creature Of The Flames”?  Pure 1980s Heavy Metal. Savage Master’s guys put Judas Priest, Motörhead, Cirith Ungol, Bitch in a pan, cook for some minutes, and voilà, you’ll have a delicious piece of honest Heavy Metal.

If you want something true and honest, here’s Savage Master’s “Creature Of The Flames” specially for you. “Creature Of The Flames” is an effort of pure passion.

Track Listing:

  1. Child Of The Witch
  2. Burning Leather
  3. Dark Enchantress
  4. Creature Of The Flames
  5. Death Or Glory (HOLOCAUST cover)

Savage Master’s “Creature Of The Flames” was released on October 13th via Skoll Records.

Watch “Burning Leather” video here: