SCARLATA See ‘Power Through’

Fuel up, start your engines and get ready to “Power Through”! The debut album from the classic skate punk metal act SCARLATA, is a guitar driven force to be reckoned with.

“The ‘Power Through’ album is a compilation of songs created between 2017-2021. I am very ecstatic (and relieved) to finally be sharing this self-produced debut album with the music world. This album is dedicated to inspire the listener to discover their craft and live out their passions!”

Located in Boulder, Colorado, SCARLATA, a self-taught instrumentalist, produces dynamic tracks that show off a wealth of heavy and soaring styles. Song writing began in earnest back in 2016 and the summer of 2020 saw the release of the debut EP Metal-Baby fully self-produced. Predominantly instrumental, the new album delivers both the hard-hitting and fast-paced, as well as soaring ballad elements. “Ch’i Ling’s Spell” kicks off “Power Through” diving into complex guitar melodies and energetic rhythms. A tranquil mood manifests in the opening of “Fruition of Justice,” before exploding into heavy distortion. The title track is a fusion of melodic guitars, distortion and experimentation. The changing pace produces a darker sound, showing off further versatility of SCARLATA’s creativity.

“Power Through” combines the thrill and impact of punk, with groove rhythms and intricate melodies; it’s an energising record. SCARLATA seeks to inspire the listener towards their own passions and inner callings, “Power Through” is an epic passion project.
John Scarlata (guitar, bass, drums, vocals)

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