Scattered Hamlet – Stereo Overthrow Review

There are many great things to be collaborating with Metal Addicts. One of them, and the one I cherish the most, is to have the opportunity of following a band’s career. Here we have “Stereo Overthrow” that follows 2017’s “Swamp Rebel Machine,” an album that I have to say that I had a great time reviewing it. The band continuous to be the same Hard Rock whiskey soaked noisy and full of attitude band from the previous album. I dare to say that, given the proportions, Scattered Hamlet remind a lot the attitude of a band that was one of the biggest of its time. I mean musical attitude. The same will to power, the endless guitar solos, and all the noise a band can make. The band’s name is Guns N’ Roses. Ok, musicwise they don’t really fit too much. Scattered Hamlet are a mix of Southern Rock with Hard Rock, some Metal and a little Blues. All of them mixed with the will to power I mentioned before. Also add to those features some mockery and debauchery. Voilà. The bombastic mix is ready to explode in the fan’s face.

I’d like to pick up two tracks that really made my mind. First is the Led Zeppelinesque “The Creek Don’t Rise” whose guitar solos made my mind. I don’t know, the first time I heard the song it sounded much more Led Zeppelin than now when I’m writing. Well, whatever. Second, the ballad “See You in Hell” because of the mood, tones and atmosphere the band creates. I also love this kind of cadence because it triggers the musical memory that lives inside my mind. Exactly this time of the year zillion years ago I was about to Metal and I found this cadence with Saxon’s “Frozen Rainbow” a song that I still love and listen all the time. As I brought up this subject, my guess would be that the best thing Scattered Hamlet do here is to create moods and intense atmospheres. Take “All Take,” for instance, with its The Cult “Electric” era cadence and mooding. Just the best.

As I said before, the mockery and debauchery included in Adam Joad’s voice is another thing that attracted me to the band. The way he sings sounds as if he was making fun of something. Listen to “Lowdown” and tell me about it.

Scattered Hamlet “Stereo Overthrow” will be released on November 12th via Buck Moon Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Stereo Overthrow
  2. All Talk
  3. Locked and Loaded
  4. Lowdown
  5. Don’t Tread on Me
  6. Death or Dishonor
  7. Low Class Blues
  8. Rattlesnake
  9. The Creek Don’t Rise
  10. See You in Hell

Watch “Lowdown” official music video here: