Sci-fi Death Metallers DAMNATION DEFACED Will Invade With ‘Invader From Beyond’ In October

Since their foundation in 2006, DAMNATION DEFACED have always typified groovy and rhythmically experienced death metal, which never forgets the brutality and the trademarks of the genre besides all its melodies. Their third album continues fine-tuning their profile and highlighting their recognizably more than ever.
As there were already bits and pieces of science fiction appearing in the predecessors, on “Invader From Beyond” the band is integrating this clearly audible into their sound, which thus receives a spherical and futuristic character. With every play of the record the love of detail reveals new nuances. Contrary to other bands with verbose concepts, plausible structures of the songs, catchy verses and thrilling choruses are at the forefront of their writing, allowing the songs to also stand strong independently.
Together with David Hambach (Epitome, Display, Tachion) the band has evolved their sound pattern. He is responsible for synths, soundscapes and electronic parts, which gain the sci-fi character. This fruitful collaboration with a longtime friend is just the beginning of musical experiments in the future that will drive this concept even further.
”Invader From Beyond“ was recorded by Hannes Huke in the „Institut für Wohlklangforschung“ in Hanover, whereas the mix and master was entrusted to the proven hands of Dan Swanö. With this team, a long-lasting dream came true, since Swanö is not only an institution in Death Metal, furthermore he is also well-known for his progressive sound experiments.
The cover artwork was done by Juanjo Castellano (Vomitory, Revel In Flesh), who perfectly realized the graphical vision. He deliberately avoided colors but used shades of grey, which sets another aspect for DAMNATION DEFACED to stand out.

DAMNATION DEFACED “Invader From Beyond” will be released on October 6th via Apostasy Records.

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Philipp Bischoff – Vocals
Lutz Gudehus – Guitar
Lutz Neeman – Guitar
Lucas Katzmann – Drums
Kim-Patrick Friedrichs – Bass

Track Listing:
01. NIOM: 004D004F0049004E
02. Goddess Of Machines
03. Invader From Beyond
04. Mark Of Cain
05. The Observer
06. The Key To Your Voice
07. Rendezvous With Destiny
08. All Comes To Its End
09. Back From Apathy
10. The Creator’s Fall
11. Embraced By Infinity