What if Jairo Tormentor, Sepultura’s original guitarist, hadn’t left the band after  1986’s  “Morbid Visions”?

That’s a question many Sepultura’s fans may ask. Well, the answer will be partially answered now that Jairo Guedz is forming his own band The Troops of Doom, which by the way is the name of one of the most sucessful songs of the band he wrote.

“I found this question pretty interesting as it was an idea of Nuclear Blast’s CEO to show what would have happened back then  with a  following album of ‘Morbid Visions.’ On the other hand, it’s not a Sepultura album, it’s a Jairo Guedz album as if I were continuing what I used to do then. So, I don’t wnat to be presumptous in any way.”

As ironic as it may seem, The Troops of Doom’s debut album will be also an EP which will be followed by a full-length.

“First single will be released on August 05th and the second on September 16th with two videos. The EP will be released on October 10th with four tracks of mine and two Sepultura’s recordings I wrote. Then, I’ll call some friends of mine out to record the full-length that will be coming soon. It’s easy for me to play Death Metal. It’s like a part of my DNA.”

The EP will released via Blood Blast (Nuclear Blast).

The band is formed by bassist and vocalist Alex Kafer (Enterro, Mysteriis), guitarist Marcelo Vasco (Mysteriis, Patria) and drummer Alexandre Oliveira (Tianastácia, Southern Blacklist).

Watch the teaser here: