SERPENTS’ KISS the ‘Dragon King’

Serpent’s Kiss are a British heavy metal band from North East England, started by long lasting member’s William Philpot & Wayne Russell in the early 2000’s. Over the years the band has had several songs, releases, and members. Now after taking on a new singer, Canadian country, rock, and metal artist Nikki Wozzo, (A vocal power house) in 2016, they have brought the band back to life with more power than before!

The band has since been actively writing new material for several years now, and are now in the stages putting out music with their first album release featuring the new and current singer Nikki Wozzo in 2018 on “Dragon Lord,” and now “Dragon King” in the year 2022. Being that Serpents Kiss is an international group, they play very limited events together at the moment but, are waiting for the gates to open so they can take their rightful place among the heavy metal kingdom.

Band Line-Up:
Vocals – Nikki Wozzo
Guitar – William Philpot
Bass – Wayne Russel
Drums- N/A


Dragon Lord 2018
Dragon King 2022


Starbound 2021
Dark Oppressor 2022

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