Seven Dead (and Buried) Line-Ups of Bands We Love

Photo credit: Pete Cronin/Getty Images

Everything changes. It’s the law of motion that Engels disclosed for us. By that he meant that nothing is eternal even our beloved bands line-ups. By show of hands who’s never dreamed of the classical Kiss or that K.K. joined the Priest again, or Glenn Tipton could actually be back.

Judas Priest – K.K. Downing, Ian Hill, Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford, Scott Travis:

The Priest had its time with drummers until they found Scott Travis, who added blast beats to their music. The line-up for “Painkiller” is considered the classic.
But times they change, my friend, and the first to depart was Rob Halford, but he knew he couldn’t live without the Priest and came.  Then it was the time for K.K. Downing in a moment of we don’t know what – he still owes us a plausible explanation -, leaving the band. And my guess is that he won’t come back.

Watch “Painkiller” alive video here:

Sepultura – Max Cavalera, Igor Cavalera, Andreas Kisser, Paulo Jr.:

Max was one of the founding fathers of Sepultura and due to a lot of fights, quarrels, kicks and bites, he left the band. Later Igor left too to flirt with techno and other crap. Now the line-up is kind of estabilized.

Recently the brothers started to work together again and Sepultura are one of those bands which are active without any founding member – no, Andreas isn’t a founding member.

Watch “Roots,” one of the finest moments of the classical line-up here:

Deep Purple: Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Jon Lord

Well, as Jon Lord doesn’t belong to this world a reunion with the classical line-up is impossible. Add to that Ian Gillan rather join Jon Lord in Valhala than working again with Ritchie Blackmore. Sad but true.

Watch “Child in Time” video to show that the classical line-up could do magic.

Kiss – Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss:

No, never gonna happen unless the pay is good. So says Gene Simmons.

Guns N’ Roses – Axl Rose, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Duff McKagan, Steven Adler:

Really? Do you believe it’s gonna happen? Dream on, brother.

So, stay cool and watch “Paradise City” here:

Slayer – with Lombardo:

Someone told me it’s not gonna happen. Everything is possible.

Watch the classic Slayer “Evil Has No Boundaries” here:

Metallica making decent music:

Do you believe in Santa? Easter Bunnies? 3 dollar bill?

Remember when they were really something with “Creeping Death” video here: