SHARON OSBOURNE Accused Of Calling Co-Host ‘P—Y Licker,’ Several Other Allegations Of Abuse Surface

Sharon Osbourne The Talk 2021

Sharon Osbourne‘s talk show, The Talk is on hiatus after an on-air argument between Ozzy‘s wife and manager and her co-host Sheryl Underwood over a discussion on whether comments made by Piers Morgan were racist.

Osborne defended former Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan after Morgan stormed off the set of his morning show, after a fellow host of the show called out Morgan for jumping on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after their controversial interview with Oprah last Sunday.

Osborne was confrontational during the debate and at one point said “Don’t try and cry because if anyone should be crying, it should be me.”

You can watch that conversation below.

Shortly after the show, Osbourne issued an apology to “anyone of colour that I offended and/or to anyone that feels confused, or let down by what I said.”

Furthermore, Sharon is now being accused by her ex-cohosts and anonymous sources of using racist and homophobic language towards her colleagues and creating a “toxic environment” on set.

Reporter Yashar Alposted a new article detailing accusations of verbal abuse and racism against the Osbourne matriarch.

One aspect of the article focuses on Osborne‘s criticism of her former co-host Julie Chen, who is married to Les Moonves, the chairman of CBS at the time. It also mentions the coarse way she would refer to her other co-host Sara Gilbert, who is a lesbian. The accusations were confirmed by actress Leah Remini, who was also a host on the show at the time.

“From the beginning, Osbourne also objected to Chen having any leadership role on the show and repeatedly tried to rally Remini and Robinson Peete in an effort to marginalize Chen,” Remini said. According to Remini, in one exchange during the first season, Osbourne said of Chen: “I mean, who the f*ck does slanty eyes think she is? She shouldn’t be pillow-talking with our boss.”

“In another exchange, according to Remini, Osbourne said of Gilbert: “Why won’t the p*ssy licker do anything about the wonton?” and “Why won’t the fish eater be part of this discussion? She’s the f*scking executive producer.”

In article also mentions a talent agent who was invited to a New Years party by Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne by their son Jack, leading to months of alleged abuse and harrassment.

Renee Tab, who now runs her own management and production company, was a 26-year-old literary agent at ICM, the powerhouse talent and literary agency, in 2003 when she became a target of Osbourne.”

“That year, Tab attended a New Year’s Eve party hosted by Osbourne and her husband that doubled as a ceremony to renew their vows and was being filmed for their reality show. Tab attended the party as the guest of an invited guest. At the party, mock credit cards were handed out to attendees, who could accrue points by playing casino games and be entered for a prize: a necklace and earrings set worth $15,000 (though some reports claim it was worth $40,000). Tab won the raffle.

“The next day, Tab learned that Sharon Osbourne was accusing her of stealing the jewelry because she wasn’t a guest directly invited by Osbourne but instead attended with a guest invited by her son Jack Osbourne.”

“Osbourne called Tab on Jan. 1, 2003, in the evening and, according to Tab, called her a “Persian carpet c*nt.” (Tab is Iranian American.)

The Talk is now on hiatus for the rest of the week.