SHINING Releases New Single, ‘Avsändare Okänd’ And Disturbing Lyric Video

Iconic Swedish metal band SHINING have unleashed the second new single, “Avsändare Okänd,” off of their upcoming self-titled Napalm Records debut, Shining, out on September 15, 2023! Formed in 1996 and known as one of the most controversial and musically brilliant bands in the black metal scene and beyond, SHINING present their eleventh offering that proves even darker than ever before.

According to the band themselves, Shining “will be a downward journey in stereo that will drown the world in a mesmerizing, inescapable darkness”. The sinister, lurking second single “Avsändare Okänd” is one of the most vicious and brutal songs in the band’s history. The unsettling accompanying lyric video adds to the disturbing atmosphere of the track.

Niklas Kvarforth on “Avsändare Okänd”: “Our second single, Avsändare Okänd,” could best be described as what Halmstad or Varg Utan Flock could have sounded if recorded with the current lineup. It’s the opening track of our new album and classic SHINING at its absolute darkest.

“The physical version also includes a DANZIG cover on the B-side, which will not be released digitally.”

Kvarforth adds: “Ingo Spörl has managed to do what I never thought was possible, creating a lyric video for SHINING without any direct involvement from any member of the band. His visualization of “Avsändare Okänd” is chillingly similar to how I myself would have done it if I had Ingo’s skills. Enjoy the haunting second single from our forthcoming eleventh album!”