Sign of the Jackal – Breaking the Spell

Sign of the Jackal. Keep this name in mind. “Breaking the Spell” is one of the most energized albums I heard this year. It’s really a high octaned pure heavy metal. Ah, and a female vocalist. Title track, “Breaking the Spell,” has an Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son” era intro. Some keyboards and a futuristic atmosphere. But the energy and heart that lack in “Seventh Son,” Sign of the Jackal have huge amounts of them. “Breaking the Spell” is certainly one of the most high octaned tracks of this year. Instrumentals are fast, furious, and competent. Laura sings with all the heart she can. She’s not so technical, but one can see sparks when she sings. It’s the most pure emotion.

Sign of the Jackal are a traditional band, not only because their music is the so-called traditional Heavy Metal, but because they follow some very dear traditions of HM. The first is to have a strong female vocalist like Warlock and Acid. In my understanding, Sign of the Jackal are much more near Warlock than Acid. Acid were faster, Warlock were more melodic. Well, the way I see, Sign of the Jackal are both. And hails not only to Laura, but also to a very competent and also energetic guitar duo. The other dear tradition is the track “Terror at the Metropol,” which follows the traditional of having at least one instrumental track in each album. The guitar duo is a private show here. And the third is to write a track to hail fans which attends for the dear name of “Headbangers.”

The last, but indeed not the least, I have to give a big hail to drummer Corra. Yeah, we always forget or underestimate them, but the guy keeps the pace correctly. A drummer that can go fast as well as slow. He really knows how to spank his drums kit.

Sign of the Jackal “Breaking the Spell” will break the spell on June 09th via Dying Victims Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Reagan
  2. Night Curse
  3. Class of 1999
  4. Mark of the Beast
  5. Heavy Rocker
  6. Nightmare
  7. Terror at the Metropol
  8. Beyond the Door
  9. Headbangers

Watch “Class of 1999” official video here: