Skinless – Savagery

I’ll begin this review somewhat differently. I have begun some with a song, generally the opening track. This time I’ll begin with the fourth track which is “Reversal Fortune” because it was the one that first drew me attention. As a matter of fact, it works much more as a bridge to “Exacting Revenge” which is another slower theme. After hearing the first two tracks, which are pretty fast, it is good to hear a track that shows a band that knows how to slow down. Skinless are a band that know how to do it. And I really enjoy bands which vary speed and themes.

“Savagery” is really a proper name to what happens in this album. Skinless are brutal when they have to be. And even when they slow down, one can feel the power and the fierceness Skinless are able to offer us. That’s the thing that drove the attention immediately – immediately is a matter of speaking – to “Savagery”:  the ability Skinless have to mix altogether slow and fast, cadenced and ferocious tracks. I guess it is a natural way to show a band ability.

But let’s analyse back the first two tracks, “Savagery” and “Siege Engine,” shall we? I chose them because they show perfectly where Skinless come from in terms of musical influences. And the band is Sepultura in their good old days of early 1990s. Vocals are a bit more inflamed, but they really remind Max Cavalera’s. It doesn’t mean Skinless are a new Sepultura. Of course not. You, my reader, know that I do that only with the sole purpose to make it simple to get a band. Skinless and “Savagery” are much more than that. There is a finesse hidden in each track.

Skinless “Savagery” was released on May 11th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Savagery
  2. Siege Engine
  3. Skull Session
  4. Reversal of Fortune
  5. Exacting Revenge
  6. Medieval
  7. Line of Dissent
  8. Cruel Blade of the Guillotine
  9. The Hordes
  10. High rate Extinction

Watch “Savagery” official video here:

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