Slaegt – The Wheel

Last review I wrote about how Metal bands are giving their best to please one of the most selective and picky audiences ever. And they’re doing pretty okay, though we all know it’s not an easy quest. What a quest it is? But we know our idols always give their 110% to make us satisfied and happy. In these two years reviewing bands here, I’ve seen a lot. I had the opportunity to check with my ears (and eyes) what is going on in the Metal scene throughout the world. Therefore, what I’ve seen has kept my faith untouched. Metal is alive no matter what. The beast is still refusing to die. Metal is not only alive, it is evolving, and fast. And stronger. With this ‘new’ market and music industry, bands got free to play whatever they want, no matter what. That’s the reason there are no more false metal bands. To play Metal nowadays is the living proof you are stronger than ever.

A band like Slaegt prove me right. “The Wheel” is a gift from the Metal gods. Behold servants of Metal wherever you are! Slaegt and“The Wheel” are coming. Get ready for a forty-minute delight of the purest blackened heavy metal. It’s been years I don’t hear a band doing this kind of sound. It’s not black metal, but vocals are angry and thick; it’s not old school, but guitars are sharp and strong. Slaeget dare to be both. Take my advice and go straight ahead to fourth track “Citrinitas” and pay attention to guitar work. Pay close attention how it fits perfect to vocals regarding to all the emotion and aggression needed. See how the guitar duo plays tight doubling their phrases. Pay attention the lost chorus effects in the guitars and how a guitar solo bursts in the right time. Pure delight.

The best thing about Slaegt and “The Wheel” is that everythong flows so natural, so from the bottom of their hearts.  Natural born metallers. Well, I’ve written too much and I’m afraid I won’t have the words to pay the exact respects to Slaegt and “The Wheel.” So, I’ll let you listen to it carefully. It’s worth the time. But never forget my Metal child: We are stronger than ever!

Slaegt “The Wheel” will be released on October 05th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

Watch “Domus Mysterium” alive video here: