SOULFLY’S MAX CAVALERA: ‘I Used to Tapetrade with Chuck [Schuldiner] from Death’

In a talk with AMNplify, Max Cavalera talked about the good old times when music was more romantic – go dreaming… hahahahahah. Take a look:

“On this album, we have the great Randy Blythe [Lamb of God] – doesn’t need any introduction. He’s a great guy from a great band. I like Randy very much – I like his style, I like his vibe.

“I read his book – a really interesting book. It was really cool that he lent his vocals for ‘Dead Behind the Eyes;’ he made the song even more interesting, more exciting.”

“And then Ross [Dolan] from Immolation. That’s my old personal love of death metal, man, that I have from the beginning when I used to tapetrade with Chuck [Schuldiner] from Death.”

“It never went away. I loved death metal my whole life. And having Ross on the album means so much to me because I’m a big fan and I’m a big Immolation fan. And I wrote that song [‘Under Rapture’] for him especially, for him to sing, and he killed it, man – his vocals are just brutal and amazing.”

“Especially when he’s saying ‘rapture,’ it’s earth-shattering. I f*cking love it, man. I love collaborations. I love the fact that two guys from two different bands are on ‘Ritual.’

“I love them both, and I think it’s great… I still wanna do stuff with different people. Henry Rollins would be cool, or [Glenn] Danzig. Even Bruce Dickinson, to me, would be classic.”

“Or even Brian Johnson, if [he decided] to come back and sing again, would be great. I’m a big AC/DC fan as well. I would love to have Angus Young on a track, man. That be the f*cking ultimate for me; that would be really cool.”