Stahlmann – Quarz Review

Sometimes it beats me to think what my dear fan think of the so many Metal styles I review here. I guess the fan wonders if it is possible to someone really like from Hard Rock to Black Metal, from Heavy Rock to Brutal Death, and even, once in a while, review a Metal style that I openly don’t like which Industrial Metal. Yeah, I told here many times that I don’t really appreciate Industrial Metal which for me is an insane and sickier kind of Pop or Electro or the likes. But, then, out of the blue, a band appears and make me write about their newest album of? If you thought Industrial Metal you nailed it. I have a small recollection of receiving an album of Stahlmann some time ago. And I do remember chosing not to review it. This time I put it in the player at first just to discard it and for my surprise I kept it rolling. “Quarz” got me by the guts. It’s sick and insane in the right dose. It’s more Metal than Industrial and that’s why I decided to review it. Thats the right proportion more Metal than Industrial. Never forget that.

In fact, what attracts me to some Industrial albums is the contradiction between the guitars and the electronic effects. I’d say that it’s a kind of paradox. When in the right dose they make the guitars sound stronger and help creating an insane enviroment. Another feature I do like is the vocals with their grim and dark atmosphere and sometimes with some despise. Stahlmann may sound a bit as Marilyn Mason and other gothic and industrial band as Rammstein but there is the little something that got me. I guess the initial striking guitar riffing in “Wollust” was the little thing that made me not changing the album and let it roll. The right dose of the aforementioned electronic effects which here sound insanely insane due to the twisted effect the band gave them. Stahlmann nailed it. The mix between the guitars and the effects is just amazing and captivating. Following track “Sünder” has a more melodic vocals and a catchy chorus. I guess this track shows a band with more personality. The kind of personality that attracts the fan.

It’s great to change a little bit the preferences. It’s also great to make the fan think what will the next review about. Surprises. Surprises. Of course, as my dear fan know, they don’t go too far from Metal. Pop never! Never! Never!

Stahlmann “Quarz” will be released on December 10th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Wollust
  2. Sünder
  3. Krähen der Nacht
  4. Gottmaschine
  5. Sonnenreich
  6. Gegen den Strom
  7. Herz und Tränen
  8. Der Sturm
  9. Tobsucht
  10. Willst Du

Watch “Krähen der Nacht” official music video here: