Stellar Circuits – Sight to Sound Review

To be really honest with you, my child of the night, if Stellar Circuits were an ordinary screamo band and “Sight to Sound” an ordinary Alt Metal – I guess this is the right term now – album I would pass it with no heavy heart. But, – there is always one – from the beginnning there was a fantastic bass with that metalic sound that captured my heart in an album with lots of ups and some downs. As I said many times before, I have no pleasure listening to Alt Metal; however, this album with all the changes of heart from the typical screamo to Prog Metal made me think twice and re-evaluate the possibility of reviewing it. It was opening track “Catch Your Death” with all the changes of heart I aforementioned that changed my mind.

Well, for starters “Catch Your Death” got me by the heart with its mix of Alt Metal and Prog Metal, something that I haven’t seen here. And of course the spectacular bass lines. I expect each great album must have great bass lines. One thing about the album to my child of the night who, like me, don’t give a damn about Alt Metal, don’t pay attention to most vocals of most of the time. The thing is that Stellar Circuits the screamo vocals shouldn’t be here with clean crystal clear vocals which, by the way, I guess should be the standard here -. Even though I’ll admit that this mix has its charm and perhaps it was the thing that attracted me to the band. The other times vocals address to Evership’s Beau West, a Prog Rock band that we love to review here. It’s not only album opener that has many changes of hearts, second and third tracks “Witch House” and “Pleasure Cruise” showcase this interesting feature; however, no guitar solo was verified here though the very competent and decent guitars. “Skull Beneath the Smile” is the track that at first sight wouldn’t use the mix. If my child of the night listens to the initial moments this will be the impression. The mix comes later in the song and I have to admit – again – that it works just fine creating an expected mood. The electronic effects with a tremolo give the song a kind of space rock atmosphere which fits perfectly with the album intent. Those were the ups. Now we’ve got the downs. Unfortunately, album tittle track “Sight to Sound” is the dispensable kind of ballad. Too Alt Metal for me. Following track “Truthseeker” has the same plastic taste, so it’s a down as well.

Even with the down sides “Sight to Sound” is an album that surpasses the expectation. In general when I get an Alt Metal album I only listen to the initial moments, but it made listen to it more than once. If you are like me “Sight to Sound” will be a great surprise.

Stellar Circuits “Sight to Sound” will be released on June 09th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Catch Your Death
  2. Witch House
  3. Pleasure Cruise
  4. Skull Beneath the Smile
  5. Sight to Sound
  6. Truthseeker
  7. Alchemy
  8. Nightlife
  9. For the Birds
  10. Learning to Sleep
  11. Where Were You

Watch “Witch House” official music video here: