SUNDECAY Release ‘Gales’


Sundecay are a progressive Doom band based in Toronto. While rooted in the classic sounds of proto-doomsters like Pentagram, St. Vitus and of course Sabbath, with hints of Dust and High Tide, Sundecay’s heaviest moments often shift away from genre conventions, much like Pallbearer, Monolord and many “post-metal” offerings in recent years. The crux of Sundecay’s song-writing is building tension, mood and momentum toward climatic, crushing melodies, which are punctuated by Rich Pauptit’s deep, haunting timbre. In his formative years, guitarist and song-writer Brian Scott drew inspiration as much from Johnny Marr and the Smiths, and their contemporaries like the Cure and Joy Division as he did from his earliest metal influences. The result is often a unique blend of melodic doom, stoner, sludge coloured by the dreary stylings of these early/mid 80’s post-punk British artists.

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