Svartidaudi – Revelations of the Red Sword

To the bricolage, as Deena Weinstein says, of Metal you have to add one more ingredient, and that is despair. We can add to that  discouragementdesperationdistressanguishunhappiness, and hopelessness. “Revelations of the Red Sword” is an album full of those human emotions. While hearing it, one can feel that the album was built up on all those feelings, and this is what make it so special. From track one to track six, Svartidaudi show us how to pass on all their desperation and anguish in each of it. Instrumentals were also carefully written in order to reinforce the feeling of hopelessness. It seems like they are telling us: No future for you! The beginning and the lyrics of “Burning Worlds” tell it all.

This is what modern Black Metal is all about. They are spreading the word that this world has no future. Well, in fact, I guess they’ve been doing this for a long time, we haven’t noticed. Each note of “Revelations of the Red Sword” was specially prepared to pass on those feelings. Vocals did it better, but the slow and cadenced guitars did it as well. There are some moments as in “The Howling Cynocephali” that guitars seem to be following a sick harmony that doesn’t exactly fit into song, but the effect is great. Svartidaudi built a complete atmosphere of chaos and pain which desperately invite you to join in. You feel caught in an overwheelming urge to follow their steps into darkness and lack of hope. That’s exactly the intent. No more, no less.

Some say that Black Metal don’t deal with politics, but can you imagine such a political stand like this? I guess I can’t. Svartidaudi pass the message and it is not that beautiful as poppers want us to believe. That’s why we’re so different. When we hear an album like “Revelations of the Red Sword” we come to think, we come to ask questions, we disagree. That’s unwanted. That’s dangerous. You are a peril, my child of the night.

Svartidaudi  “Revelations of the Red Sword” will be released on December 03rd via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sol Ascending
  2. Burning Worlds of Excrement
  3. The Howling Cynocephali
  4. Wolves of a Red Sun
  5. Reveries of Conflagration
  6. Aureum Lux

Watch “Wolves of a Red Sun” official video here: