Sweven – The Eternal Resonance

“The Eternal Resonance” is dazzling and intriguing. It is kicked off by an opening track, “The Spark,” whose long instrumentals in the beginning make the fan think this is an instrumental effort. Flat wrong. This album has such a deceptive path that even the fan that knows it all will be be deceived. I’ll tell you something, it’s unearthly the despair the first notes of the song passe. It’s impossible not to get overwhelmed by them all. The fan can feel it in the waves and, perhaps, cry along with the vocalist and the band. There is no shame in it. Well, if you do have, cry silently in bedroom at night when no one will listen. I’ve been there. It’s such a liberating thing to do. Too much pain, to much loath, too much grief. The way Sweven bounce delicate and extremely precise tunes with the dark feelings vocal passes is remarkable. I’m used to this kind of music, but I confess that Sweven surprised me with thei intesity and cruel beauty. If you separate instrumentals from vocals you’ll get two different bands. One, the instrumental, which have influences of 1970s jazz-rock bands and some Art Rock, but which can be striking after all; and the harsh and gritty vocals which pain and despair are the motto and take the fan to a far and distant nightmarish place where you’ll wake up again and your wildest bad dreams come true.

Each track in “The Eternal Resonance” comes with an instrumental  surprise. When the fan thinks things will get darker and weirder they come with a track as “The Sole Importance” and “Mycelia” which uptempo cadence and more gripping mood takes the fan by the innards. All bands should have the same notion that sometimes the mood in an album ought to be changed. No matter what. But what amazes me the most is the guitar with its inspired and passionate interventions as in “Solemn Retreat” taking the mood of the song high. I can’t stop listening to it. But I must, my inbox is full. Ohter bands are waiting for me. nPlenty to write in these days of the coronavirus crisis. Here we go!

By the way, the art cover is fantastic and fits perfectly with the theme of the album and the band.

Sweven “The Eternal Resonance” will be released on March 20th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Spark
  2. By Virtue of a Promise
  3. Reduced to an Ember
  4. The Sole Importance
  5. Mycelia
  6. Solemn Retreat
  7. Visceral Blight
  8. Sanctum Sanctorum

Watch “Mycelia” official music video here: