Teramaze – And the Beauty They Perceive Review

It took me a while to decide to write Teramaze “And the Beauty They Perceive” a review because the music here sounds too sugared and pop. However, on second thought, I’m the guy here that writes about all these albums and bands and if I don’t give them space nobody will. I know I have reviewed albums more sugared and pop that this one. I know, I confess my sins… hahahahahahahahaha But it’s stronger than I am. It’s a force that takes me and when I’m myself again I see that my hair is full of glitter and I have my spandex… Ops…

Not to say that Teramaze play by the book is the fact that some tracks do have some updating features and at the same time they go back in the past. Well, that’s exactly why I avoided the album for some tracks – and days after hearing it. The modern touch are some electronic features and the vocals that sometimes follow modern Metal features and things. In some ways “And the Beauty They Perceive” reminds Def Lepard’s “Histeria” but not musically because they are pretty different. It’s the arena attitude and intent that connect them. Also the keyboards and the will to make some music to be singalong and to be performed in arenas. Tittle track “And the Beauty They Perceive” gives this exact idea with its big guitars and strong riffing but too melodic vocals, not to say sugared. It’s this track that shows the band’s modern approach with the guitars tone. The melodic structure belongs to Def Lepard truth to be told. By the way, the guitars are fantastic in this song. Following track “Jackie Seth” gives a dive into the 1970s disco vocals with some great guitars in the beginning that soon are outnumbered by the onipresent keyboarding. It’s a song that could be in any cheesy TV show of the early 1980s.  It was after hearing this song that then I noticed that the band’s thing is to be an update of the some pop Metal acts of the 1980s. “Jackie Seth” shows it right. An interesting fact of “Untide” is that they quote a part of the chorus of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” an influence that many bands don’t have nowadays. That’s where they gained my heart and made me review them. Reviews are personal things I always say that. Sometimes details make me review a band or not. And as you all know the devil is in the details.

Teramaze “And the Beauty They Perceive” will be released on October 05th via Wells Music.

Track Listing:

  1. And the Beauty They Perceive
  2. Jackie Seth
  3. Untide
  4. Modern Living Space
  5. Blood of Fools
  6. Waves
  7. Son Rise
  8. Search for the Unimaginable
  9. Head of the King

Watch “Jackie Seth” official video here: