Terrifier – Trample the Weak Devour the Dead Review

It’s a fact that we haven’t receiving many Thrash Metal albums so far. So plentiful in the good old times, they have turned scarse with the years. My dear child of the night might remember that besides Power Metal I always say that Thrash Metal is also predictable. Predictable because bands weren’t capable of giving the subgenre the changes it needed to survive the raise of other Extreme Metal subgenres. Black Metal and Death Metal though haters’ opinion have changed a lot for all these years and are still changing  and adpating. However, it’s always necessary to emphasize this it doesn’t mean I don’t like Thrash Metal bands. It’s the other way around, I do like it. Thrash Metal was the first Extreme Metal genre that I embraced so, I guess this is supposed to mean a lot.

Here we’ve got Terrifier with strong 1980s influences and an extra edge of brutality and speed they have made their name known in recent years and continue to bring a relentless onslaught of blistering metal. In 2013 the band released their first EP entitled “Metal or Death,” which gained attention from Thrash Metal enthusiasts all around the globe, and showed that they’re a force to be reckoned with on the following 2017’s full-length “Weapons of Thrash Destruction.”

Musicwise, for a better understanding about the band’s sonancy, I’d say that they are the missing link between Testament’s instrumental with the top notch guitar playing and Nuclear Assault’s musical cruelty. “Awaiting Desecration” is a great example of this with its intense and insane atmosphere. The apple of the eye of Terrifier is the sharp and intense and precise guitar riffing. Each song of “Trample the Weak Devour the Dead” is a lesson of creativity on riffing. But I guess it’s album opener “Trial by Combat” that showcases better the missing link between Testament and Nuclear Assault with its sharp guitars and acid vocals. Not to mention the awasome instrumentals. Pay close attention to the insane guitar riffing and drumming of “Bones of the Slain.” Simply mindblowing.

“Trample the Weak Devour the Dead” isn’t for thrash metallers only. It’s a piece to all metallers that appreciate an aggressive and, yet, very well played album.

Terrifier “Trample the Weak Devour the Dead” will be released on May 26th via Empire Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Trial by Combat
  2. Perpetual Onslaught
  3. Bones of the Slain
  4. Depths of the Storm Scepter
  5. Grinding the Blade
  6. Death and Decay
  7. Dawn of the Slaughter
  8. Awaiting Desecration

Watch “Bones of the Slain” official lyric video here: