In a Testube – Immigration Anthems

Two t hings drive our attention at first: the first are the controvertial names of the band and the album; the second is that the bass takes the lead of most songs. Well, metal has always been controvertial. No doubt about that. Immigration is the great theme of our times. If you are from the New World, you are an immigrant. And that’s it! But the bass taking the lead is something really unsual. One can tell very few bands where the bass does that. Very few. In a Testube is one of them. And Amen to that! It’s thick, it’s heavy, it’s dirty, and most of all, it’s audible! Maybe that’s because In a Testube’s deal is a modern metal music. They use and abuse of effects, opaque guitars, and shoegazed vocals. But the thing is: don’t ask me why I keep on having a 1970 feeling over their songs! No, I’m not high. Didn’t drink anything, except some Cokes. “Immigration Anthems” had the power and the ability of sometimes taking me back to the 1970’s, maybe because of the guitar solos that pops up here and there, maybe because of the hidden keyboards, maybe sometimes because of the vocals, really don’t know. The opening track “Believe” is a good exemple of the leading bass. The heavy drumming of the beginning “Digital Eyes” also keeps the attention with the keyboards and pianos tunes. And you can find a flute! The 1970’s again! “Slipping Away” has a heavy guitar intro, not usual for modern metal bands, and then the bass takes the lead again. Pure In a Testube thing!

“Immigration Anthems” is a must if you like modern metal with a touch of alternative rock. Also, it’s a band to pay attention if you are interested in something different, but the good different, not that tasteless stuff that some calls different. And pay attention to the lyrics!

Track Listing:

  1. Believe
  2. In The End
  3. C.I.C.O
  4. Hey Lilly
  5. CLOC
  6. Limitless
  7. Together As Two
  8. Lucky Thirteen
  9. Many Things
  10. Flying Away
  11. Digital Eyes
  12. Slipping Away
  13. Mythu

You can watch the official video of C.I.C.O here: