Thanos – Unholy Review

The fan that reads my reviews here may have noticed that I do like albums with some uncanny or out of the box sounds. They are daring to review for that the reviewer has to decipher them sometimes piece by piece, little by little. The more uncanny the sonancy, the better to review that’s what I always say here. Of course, even I have my limits. Albums that are away too experimental that make it impossible to understand I pass. They pop up here once in a while. I have just passed one before get this Thanos “Unholy” to hear and decide to review. “Unholy” has the exact amount of weirdness and uncanniness to make itself possible to hear. I’d say it’s boardering the limits. Not that the limits are narrow. No, no, no. They are pretty wide as a matter of fact.

At first, the fan will strange the mix between Prog Rock and Metal which in this especific case doesn’t turn Thanos into a Prog Metal band. In fact it’s very hard to label this album. When the fan is almost getting used to this, Thanos start to insert some uncommon synth and electronic effects which sound as if it were those Casio kids keyboards. However, the thing is that they kind of mingle with the songs as it happens in “Road to Madness,” the instrumental track of the album. I’d rather say that “Unholy” is that kind of unpredictable albums that the fans really doesn’t know what’s to come next. But wanna know what? The album is pretty good just because.

Opening track “At Dusk” sounds as if it were an Emerson, Laker, and Palmer grand intro with all the grandness and pomp. However, the tone of the keyboards is a little off as I said before. Not really like the Casio, but pretty near. In fact, “At Dusk” works as an intro to the tittle track “Unholy” which has a Metal strong guitar though vocals sound like Prog. This causes the fan a little strangement but, in my opinion, it works fine. Another thing that sparked my attention to this track is the guitar tone. It’s near the limit of being not understandable, I mean, there is a lot of distortion and it’s a little bit downtuned, but still understandable. “The Priest” is one of the tracks that has those 1980s Casio computer or keyboards effects, but as I said before, those effects fit pretty well in the song. The biggest surprise comes with “Bloodlust” whose guitar intro sound very Extreme Metal. Fast, vicious, and strong. But soon when the vocals come the song change. But the surprises are’nt over. By the first minute it goes into a jazzy mood that changes it all in the song. I’ve gotta say it’s the most interesting track in the album. The mix of all those unmixable sonancies worked pretty fine though it could have backfired.

“Unholy” is fun because of all the surprises. There is no track that is the same. Each one of them has some surprise or suprises. That’s what makes the album pretty delicious.

Thanos “Unholy” was released on February 21st via “Value for Nothing” Record Label.

Track Listing:

  1. At Dusk
  2. Unhloy
  3. The Priest
  4. Darkness Within
  5. Bloodlust
  6. Temple of Truth
  7. Road to Madness
  8. Piece of Me
  9. At Dawn

Watch “Unholy” official video here: