The Cross – Still Falling

Cavernous. Dark. Gloomy. Sludgy.

The Cross pictured perfectly all the mood and feeling of Doom Metal. “Still Falling” is a lesson of how a Doom Metal band can follow the conventions of Doom and, still, have their own personality. And this personality  is very strong. Very strong. It’s not that easy to stand up in Metal, even more in Doom Metal which is the subgenre that is more still, that has so many conventions that sometimes make a band stand still. The Cross managed them to stand out by using wisely lots of conventions and molding them into their own. Taking “Flames of Deceit” for instance, It follows most of the conventions that Doom Metal has established throughout the years; it is long – nine and a half minutes – guitars are shoegazed and sludgy, but strong and precise. Vocals are in a duet for most of the song; one is vociferating, the other is strong and stuck. What impresses and calls the eye is the variety on cadence. “Flames of Deceit” starts slow to then acelerate making things get more interesting.

“Still Falling” has two distinct moments; the first is the 2018’s songs which show a mature band and a better produced act; the other is 1993’s songs. Vocals and production are the features that stand out from them. 1993’s songs are darker, completely commited to the shadows. It’s possible to feel it. Your hair gets gray and your bones shake. The Cross are a band completely devoted to the politics of evil, at elast in terms of music. It’s possible to feel that in each track, more notably in 1993s tracks as “The Fall” and “Scars of a Illusion.” In some ways, the poor 1993’s production works for the meaning The Cross desire to give to their songs. Opaque guitar tones work perfectly to their intent because they give the gloomy mood The Cross intended to pass on.

The Cross “Still Falling” was released in 2019 via Tales From The Pit Records, The MetalVox, Violent Records, Black Order Productions, Eclipsys Lunarys Productions and Totem Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Flames of Deceit
  3. The Fall
  4. Scars of an Illusion
  5. Flames of Deceit (1993)
  6. The Fall (1993)
  7. Scars of an Illusion (1993)
  8. Unto the Deep

Watch “Scars of an Illusion” video here: