The Dead Daisies – Radience Review

Who said that when we get old we get softer? The Dead Daisies are here to prove there’s nothing more wrong than that. Their line-up include all time Hard and Heavy veterans that served in the ranks of many very known bands. People that are an important part of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal history. As we’d seen here in the previous albums reviewed here 2019’s “Locked and Loaded” and 2021’s “Holy Ground” in musical terms, here in “Radience” The Dead Daisies follow the steps of them head over hills and that would be a powerhouse of hard as iron songs with the pungent voice of Glenn Hughes who also plays the bass. By the way, Glenn Hughes is a kind of a leader of this band that doesn’t have a steady line-up. This should change a lot heir music but, otherwise, the band manages to maintain the same heavy grip and the bloodthristy that some say easy when we get old. And if the fan thinks that “Radience” is the right place for some nostalgia there couldn’t be anything more wrong again. The album is as modern as it can be. Of course, there are times here that my dear fan will feel the influence of one or another band but that is totally natural based on whom the band is consisted of.

Things get really hot with album opener “Face Your Fear” with some kind of AC/DC guitar intro. The track is a strong modal rock that makes the fan headbang as hell. A song with that chord riffing that made many bands famous and always work pretty well due to the energy it transpires. Powerhouse may be the right word to express everything “Face Your Fear” has got. “Radience” starts with very high temperatures. Following track’s “Hypnotize Yourself” intro follows the same path cooling a bit when vocals come. A trick that many bands learn to make a counterpoint with the heavy instrumentals and, of course, that works pretty well. The Cult were a band used this kind of trick a lot in their albums. The song is crowned with a very inspired and fierce guitar solo. “Shine on” comes with a more Metal grip in the guitar riff plus the thundering bass and the striking guitar solo. A track where Glenn Hughes can let his voice goes wild. It seems to me that this is the track that the band liked the most to perform. It’s possible to feel the energy flowing to here. Tittle track “Radience” feels like it’s from the early 1990 with that sludge and slow guitar riffing. Moody, very moody. Again Glenn Hughes lets his voice goes wild. We’ve got to respect the guy. I’ve got nothing more than respect for him. The Dead Daisies are teaching a lesson here to the younger generations.

Definitely The Dead Daisies are here to stay. How long? Nobody knows but if you ask me I’ll have to say that they will take a very long time here.

The Dead Daisies “Radience” will be released on September 30th via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Face Your Fear
  2. Hypnotize Yourself
  3. Shine On
  4. Radiance
  5. Born to Fly
  6. Kiss the Sun
  7. Courageous
  8. Cascade
  9. Not Human
  10. Roll On

Watch “Radience” official music video here: