Trick Or Treat – The Legend of the XII Saints

My dear fan, my dear child of the night. I have written a lot about band names here. Here, there and everywhere there are some pranks and cranks with all due respect, of course. I’m not here to bash or badmouth any band. If I don’t like anything, and when say anything is really anything, about the band I don’t review it. I’d rather not write than write a review to badmouth a band – okay, Metallica is out of the question. I also try to be very clear when I’m writing. This time I have to say is that when I read the name of the name I thought they were a Dark Glam Metal. I guess I connected with Halloween or other bands. So sorry, it happens. Well, for the record, there is no Dark Glam Metal band with this name. I googled it.

Alright! While I was looking for the Dark Glam Metal called Trick Or Treat I found some interesting things about this Trick Or Treat here. The band was founded in 2002 as a Helloween tribute, had a few changes in its line-up, its first effort was “Italian Helloween Tributeand this “The Legend of the XII Saints” is its sixth foull-length. That’s why the fan will notice some Helloween influences here and there, but to be completely honest, not so much influences as expected as they were a tribute band. The band managed really well to “get rid” of their main influence and to build one brend new connected with modern Power Metal that is on as the keyboards and the neoclassical touches show. The track “CANCER Underworld Wave” shows it pretty well. “LIBRA One Hundred Dragons Force” as well with more heretic themes – I mean the electronic effects. By the way, there are fourteen tracks in “The Legend of the XII Saints,” twelve are related to the zodiac in the right order as they come – well, I guess because I don’t give a damn about zodiac. But it is noteworthy for it is the first time I see a Metal band using them in their songs. On second thought by looking at the video posted below the band is making a homage to the manga series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. Ah, I love Google, don’t you?

Bottomline, “The Legend of the XII Saints” mixes some news and some oldies. Pretty solid Power Metal work here. No disappointment to the fans.

P.S. – Ah, now I see the relation with the title. Duh…

Trick Or Treat “The Legend of the XII Saints” will be released on April 24th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Ave Athena
  2. ARIES Stardust Revolution
  3. TAURUS Great Horn
  4. GEMINI Another Dimension
  5. CANCER Underworld Wave
  6. LEO Lightning Plasma
  7. VIRGO Tenbu Horin
  8. LIBRA One Hundred Dragons Force
  9. SCORPIO Scarlet Needle
  10. SAGITTARIUS Golden Arrow
  11. CAPRICORN Excalibur
  12. AQUARIUS Diamond Dust
  13. PISCES Bloody Rose
  14. Last Hour (The Redemption)

Watch “PISCES Bloody Rose” official lyric video here: