Trog – Of Vomit Reborn Review

The tricks my mind keeps playing on me. The first time I got my eyes on this release the band’s name called my attention. My dear child of the night might not know but there is a The Trogs from the 1960s. Maybe the name is unknown but there’s a The Trogs’ song that my dear child of the night must know as it was covered by one of the respected and talented and virtuoso guitarist of all times. The name of the guitarist is Jimi Hendrix. The songs is “Wild Thing.” Maybe, just like me until not so much time ago, the fan that knows it thinks it was Jimi Hendrix who wrote the song. But, in fact, the song is cover from The Trogs. By the way, there’s also a movie called “Trog” with Joan Crawford.

Ok, what does all this have to do with Trog “Of Vomit Reborn” album?

Well, nothing at all. Just to break the ice and start the conversation…

This is the kind of deceiving album I always tell my dear child of the night. “Of Vomit Reborn” starts with electronic background effects that sounds to be taken from a B science fiction movie from the 1980s. However, when “Horrific Irrational Dream Imagery” comes the butchery and bloodshed start. Here we have that famous machine gun drumming made famous by many Extreme Metal bands giving the right idea of how bloodthristy the band is. The cavernous and mistique vocals complete the out-of-this-world sonancy. Slayer “Seasons in the Abyss” inspired “The Mangler” comes next. The song first moments may have been kicked off inspired on Slayer, but its following goes near Napalm Death being as fast and ferocious as the aforementioned band. “Cosmic Parasite” follows the blood thristy mood yet a bit slow than the previous tracks but keeping the same heavyness and cut throat mood. So far this EP gives the fan the idea of a Brutal and Gore seeker Death Metal. These two songs showcases this facete of the band. Then comes “Interlude” that changes everything my dear fan heard so far. Maybe inspired on the mood of “Intro” the same ethereal and 1980s science fiction B movie soundtrack comes again. The track breaks all the gore grind mood Trog built up. In fact, “Interlude” is a kind of a bridge to “Of Vomit Reborn” that starts with a Prog Metal basis. My dear child of the night may have had a heart attack. But fear not, the cavernous and deep vocals come giving the song the exact mood it needed. From where I’m standing this mood breaker track worked just fine preparing to an even moodier track.

“Of Vomit Reborn” is an interesting EP if my dear child is in the mood for some Brutal Death Metal with some mood changes.

Trog “Of Vomit Reborn” will be released on July 22nd.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Horrific Irrational Dream Imagery
  3. The Mangler
  4. Cosmic Parasite
  5. Interlude
  6. Of Vomit Reborn

Watch “Horrific Irrational Dream Imagery” official video here:

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