VERBERIS Return With “Vorant Gnosis” EP

Blackened Death enigma VERBERIS return in bereavement with their most audacious shift in musical direction on the “Vorant Gnosis” EP. With the two-track EP spanning over 32 minutes in length, “Vorant Gnosis” is richly filled in nocturnal delight and astute song structures; with a heightened immense build-up that glooms over in spectral senses. Hark now and beware the disintegration.
Recorded, mixed at various studio locations and mastered by Big Snuff Studio, Germany. Artwork and layout by Italian graphic illustrator Ars Alchymiae.
* Formed probably sometime in 2014, VERBERIS (stylized VRBRS) still remains an anonymous mystery till today with DA being the main mastermind behind the band.
* The group’s 2014 demo “Vastitas” quickly got the attention of Iron Bonehead Productions and
released the digital and tape version, whom also went on to release VERBERIS’s debut full-length record “Vexamen” in 2016.
* “Vorant Gnosis” is VERBERIS’s most challenging and adventurous offering to date, with the two tracks having a combined running time of over 32 minutes.
* For fans of Katechon, Malthusian, Temple Nightside, etc!

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