VERIKALPA Release ‘Tunturihauta’

Verikalpa are back with the third record ‘Tunturihauta’ (‘Mountain Tomb’ in English), which further refines the sound of the Finnish sextetFast’n’furious up-temposraging vocals and infectious refrains are one more time engraved in the band’s DNA, casually juggling with black, death & folk metal and symphonic elements.

’Tunturihauta’ is about battlesjourneys through cold mountainsplains and forests all the way to the warmth of bonfires and taverns – this time with a very cold and dark wintery twist.

The content of the new Verikalpa album is more aggressivewide-rangingdarker and, at the same time, dancier too

The guys are hungrier and thirstier than ever: beer drinkers & hellraisers from the land of the thousand lakes.

Jani Ikonen – vocals
Sami Ikonen – guitar
Jussi Heikkilä – guitar
Sami Knuutinen – bass
Jussi Sauvola – keyboards
Jari Huttunen – drums

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