Vocalist TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS On Singing In Many Bands: ‘This Is A Really Different Era.’

Post-modern times are revealing to be very tough on artists. The golden era of making zillions with music are definitely over. Here’s an interview where former Judas Priest vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens talked to KNAC about his money struggles.

Ripper said:

“There’s people that know everything [about] music out there that are always offering me tips on how to run my career.

“They’re, like, ‘Tim, you need to be in one band.’ Well, if I were in one band, I would be working a 9-to-5 job 50 hours a week to pay my bills. [Laughs]

“I’m a musician. This is my job. So if I was a fan of music or of George Lynch, Doug Pinnick, I’d want to get all of their stuff. If Rob Halford put out a solo record, a Fight record or a Judas Priest record, I’d be all over those records. Why? Well, because I’m a fan.”

To All That Shreads he said:

“I would love to stay in one band. Unfortunately, people wouldn’t see me or hear me very often, because I can’t afford to tour like that. I’m not 20 and I have a lot of bills, a lot of commitments. My kids, you know…

“There’s just no way to do it. Yeah, it would be great to put out a record, but then it would cost me about $30,000 a year just to put a record, so there’s no chance in doing that. This is a really different era.

“Listen, I love it. Here’s the thing, if people around the world wanted me to be in one band, then they would buy that record around the world and I wouldn’t have to worry about it. But they don’t buy enough records to support it anyways. So I can’t afford it.

“I make my living as a lead singer, as a musician. Young bands start off and they try to be in one band, but they are young bands who start off not having bills and… You know what I mean?

“I couldn’t make a living off of what I made in Judas Priest back then, so that’s just how it is. That’s the way the world is now. It’s totally different. I have to make a pretty good amount of money to make a living.”