Voidgazer – Dance of the Undesirables Review

To have access to cutting edge Metal music that is being done in all this sad and lonely and pathetic little plabet isn’t the only great thing. This gives us the opportunity to follow all the insane and creative stuff bands are baking all around. It’s the chance to see where Metal music is going. Too watch closely the paths bands are taking. And they are astonishing. I don’t if it’s just me, but in these five years here I’ve had the chance to listen to the best Metal music ever and I can’t help it to get surprised. It’s impossible not to get emotional with all the great things I’ve ran into here.

All right, here we’ve got one more band to be part of the select group of jawbreaking bands that really caught my eye. Despite Voidgazer “Dance of the Undesirables” not being exactly new, the outcome is brand new. I’ll elaborate. Voidgazer in “Dance of the Undesirables” mix two pretty different elements: gutural vocals with a blend of Heavy Rock with NWOBHM instrumentals most particularly the guitars. The catch is to use major chords instead of the usual minor and exotic scales Death and Black Metal  are using these days. The outcome is a clean and exciting instrumental wrapping which gives the voclas more power and dissonance. Sometimes as in “Dance of the Undesirables” and its initial Speed Metal tasting Voidgazer try some really weird jazzy fusion instrumental passages. Its spice couldn’t be better. It leaves the fan with that aftertaste that makes the mouth waters. By the way, this eight minute track surprises the fan in each line possible. It seems that Voidgazer chose the track to try any possible insane instrumental they’ve got. It couldn’t get better. My congrats to the drummer who can hit harder and smooth at the same time. 

I liked this Voidgazer “Dance of the Undesirables” so much because it dares to bring back some Blues elements that Metal music left behind a long time ago. This killer combination gave the album a spice that its peers don’t have. It’s not a good comparison, however while listening to “Blast Equalizer” it does the trick, Voidgazer “Dance of the Undesirables” do sound as if Motörhead somehow had updated their music into Death Metal influences. This parallel doesn’t seem right but explain a lot if the fan’s mind flies far enough.

Here we’ve got an album that surprises in each minute. A very strong candidate for end of the year nominations, if I don’t forget to nominte them… I guess I won’t.

Voidgazer “Dance of the Undesirables” was self-released on August 27th.

Track Listing:

  1. Jesus Take the Needle
  2. Expectations Management
  3. Dance of the Undesirables
  4. Blast Equalizer
  5. Sexual Sadist Serial Slasher

Watch “Jesus Take the Needle” official video here: