Volkmort – Fallen in the Bloody Field Review

As I said many times I can’t help it but to praise an album with a crystal clear production where the music gets ahead of everything. The clean production allows the music to shine, if you know what I’m saying. “Cold Winds” is the perfect album warmer – no pun intended – as it goes smoothly with the clear thundering of the drums. This kind of production values a lot the Doom Metal Volkmort deliver here because it turns all the tonal chords – the ones Doom Metal loves to use – more effective. As we all know, Doom Metal playing is cadenced, slow, minimalist with very few notes that are intended to make an uproar. “Cold Winds” is all of them besides that 1980’s Epic Metal feeling with the wind effects. There is something of early Sepultura in the intro. Note that I have in mind “Bestial Devastation” intro.

When my dear fan listens to album warmer “Cold Winds” it gets easy to stand that “Fallen in the Bloody Field” is a Doom Metal album with many of the subgenre features. The thing is that album warmer track isn’t the most doomy track of the album. As my dear child of the night delves into the album the more and more doomy it gets. “Triumphuns Mortis” tells this tale pretty well interwoven with a cadaveric ghostly dark vocal plus the aforementioned loud and clear guitars. The fact is that the sound of the guitars values a lot vocals making them even more gray. In this case it’s not the contrast, it’s the opposite that highlights vocals. Each guitar note feels like one ina million as a slow torture. To a Doom Metal fan that’s the reality and the intent. The atmosphere created here in the song with all the maniac laughs is capable of giving the fan all the creeps ad goose bumps.

Even though “Fallen in the Bloody Field” is a Doom Metal album with many of the subgenre features things might get a little different with tracks as “Black Grave” where Volkmort speed up a little to reach a Black Metal intent. The track maintains the minimalist guitars with the loud and pound drumming, which is, by the way, one of the highlights of the album. On second thought, getting deeper into the songs, I guess the guitars here have a lot of Black Metal intent which, maybe, is the cold and dark charm of the album. In short and forcing it a little,  instrumentwise, “Fallen in the Bloody Field” would be slower Black Metal. Yet, not so right, but not so wrong, I would say.

Volkmort “Fallen in the Bloody Field” was released on June 06th via Black Hole Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. Cold Winds
  2. Returning to the Bloody Field
  3. Doomology of War
  4. Triumphus Mortis
  5. Black Grave
  6. From Glory to Abyss
  7. No Hope, No Life

Watch “Triumphuns Mortis” official music video here: