Vortex – Them Witches

There are days that aren’t easy for the reviewer. You start looking for a band that you want to review, I mean, you start choosing the band you want to review. Fact is that I don’t choose the bands I review just because for respect purposes I have a dream of reviewing all bands that get to me. Well, of course, not all of them. There are bands that I refuse to review. In general when they are too out of Metal, or they are too modern or nü to me. Pop bands never, never, never. Yeah, sometimes I get them here.

So, you get one and ‘Nah, not in the mood’ and leave it for a day when the mood comes. You get the next one and ‘Ah, too something’ the other ‘Ah, too anything’ and it takes a while until you find the one. The one today is Vortex ‘Them Witches,” so a big hail to them. They passed the first test with flying colors.

You may be thinking that Vortex is such an experimental or somewhat different to spark my attention, but no, they are pretty much Old School Heavy Metal. The thing is that Vortex are so good. They play the trivial so well that it gets really something to the ears of this old heavy metaller. In fact, they don’t sound that so Old School because I sense some modernity in them. Hard to explain, but Vortex do the simple in a complex way that calls the eye. Take “Tremorial” for instance with its galloping and twin guitars with an interesting chorus. I guess what really got me was the cadence. Another highlight to title track “Them Witches” and its cadence too. Vortex are a band which deal very well with cadences. Maybe that’s what really got me.

There is one thing that escapes the newcomers. Veterans as Vortex always know how to make a worn out sound really know. That’s what Vortex do here with a huge capability of making “Them Witches” sound blend new even though.

Vortex aren”t saving the Metal world or they aren’t any news, but “Them Witches” is really a delicous album and with a sense of houmor that only Old School Metal bands have.

Vortex “Them Witches” was released on September 20th via Gates Of Hell Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Spiritualien
  2. Death at Dawn
  3. I.C.U.
  4. Them Witches
  5. Gonna Hit You
  6. Tremorial
  7. No Breath
  8. Fearless
  9. Five Fall
  10. Thirst Thing First

Watch “Them Witches” official live video here: