WARBRINGER Frontman: ‘Don’t F*ckin Play Heavy Metal If You Don’t Like It’

Recently, Capital Chaos TV interviewed Warbringer’s John Kevill prior to the band’s first show of their North American tour in Oakland, CA.

His opinion summarizes ours too! Hail, bro!

During the interview, Kevill talked about playing and listening to metal music. He offered:

“When people ask me whats my favorite metal album, I’ve answered that question so many times, I still like it, I still care about it and I’m never gonna be one of those people that plays heavy metal and is like ‘I don’t like heavy metal’ like that dude from Mastodon, don’t f*ckin play heavy metal if you don’t like it, its really artistically dishonest, isn’t it. He’s not the only dude, but there’s this attitude, within certain parts of the metal community, metal musicians, that to be too cool for this kind of stuff….if you are the owner of the cheesecake factory, you just have to deal with it, because that’s your f*ckin business.”

Besides the Warbringer, this tour also sees Destruction and Jungle Rot on the stage, and for more info on it, go here.

Check out the interview here:

And check out Warbringer’s “Shellfire/Descending Blade” here: