Wazzara – Cycles Review

It took quite a while to understand Wazzara “Cycles” hence to be able to write about them. Well, there are two main reasons for this; one is that there are days I’m able to write four reviews at once, on the other hand, there are days I’m absolutely uncapable of writing even a line. Two, it’s part of the process to take a while to understand some bands an their efforts. My respect to the bands make me try to find their unique style and sound. That’s why it takes a while.

Wazzara have a unique way of delivering their music. Its a combination of a female vocal with an instrumental that beats me. True. I can’t put it in any box because it goes from a pop gentleness to an Extreme Metal wrath. Strummings are a huge and important part of the band’s music writing and they are combined whenever a change pops up. They are the part of the band’s music writing that takes them near pop features. Meanwhile, there is a somber male voice that haunts tracks as “Ancestral Bounds” giving them the Extreme Metal wrath I talked about. However, this unique touch may not be enough to attract an Extreme Metal fan.

Album opener “Solanum” has a kind of intimate vibe with some clean guitars combined with overdriven ones. Barbara Brawand’s voice sounds great here and it’s something really worthwhile. The song remebers a lot some alternative guitar songs from the 1990s. My luck guess would be Alanis Morissete. Well, I really don’t know if my fan knows her but the track sounds a lot as one of hers. Following track “mænic” has a heavier intro with some angry guitars that soon fade to let Barbara’s voice get in and when the song acquires a Folk Metal glimpse even more when the aforementioned somber male voice gets in the way. To be real to you my dear fan, this was the track that attracted me to the album and made me listen even more carefully to “Cycles.” I really liked the mood the song delivers. Fun fact is that the song stops suddenly without any warn. Just a total break that leads to following track “Inwards.”

In many ways it’s right to say that “Cycles” is an interesting album. The moods, the guitars, the voices and all. But I don’t think it would attract an Extreme Metal fan.

Wazzara “Cycles” will be released on October 29th.

Track Listing:

  1. Solanum
  2. mænic
  3. Inwards
  4. Obsidian Skies
  5. Antares
  6. Fissures
  7. Wolf Moon
  8. Ancestral Bonds

Watch “Obsidian Skies” official muswic video:

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