Whoredom Rife – NID Hymner Av Hat

The reviewer is the person who looks in to a band’s effort and searches for its peculiarities. The one who looks for what is unique. Though, depending on various reasons, the reviewer also looks for what the bands has in common with their peers. It’s when one makes comparisons. Bands usually have many things in common, sometimes they have more things in common than their details. People often complain about comparisons, but is reviews the are very useful because when comparing a debut band to a veteran the reader may get easily the main and exact idea of it. At times, the reviewer does both. That is so because writing is a creative job, and at times the formula gets worn out. It is time to look for another.

Whoredom Rife are band which have many things in common with other Extreme Metal bands. “NID – Hymner Av Hat” is an album which offers many dissonances, some pretty disharmonic, that’s the intention. Those dissonances contrast with some melodic guitar interventions. They are all intentional, as well. The idea is to create a sonic chaos to, then, break it. Third track “Where the Shadows Dwell” does it all the time. Whoredom Rife also contrast cadences; the drums are often accelerated while guitars registers are slower, not really slower, but to mark the strong tempos. It brings more defined idea of chaos to songs. One more time, Extreme Metal bands recreate in sounds life with all its ups and downs. Whoredom Rife’s music is as complex as life and that’s the idea. Following track “Hyllest” follows the same idea with a slower drumming and faster guitars, just the opposite.

“NID – Hymner Av Hat” is an album with seven stories of rage, fury and, yet, frustration. Life is full of them too. Extreme Metal bands are experts into translating music into life, or whatever. That’s exactly the idea. All tracks of “NID – Hymner Av Hat” are showing us a band that besides making some noise, is worried about translating life into music, a very loud one, by the way.

Whoredom Rife “NID – Hymner Av Hat” will be released on November 30th via Ván Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Summoning the Ravens
  2. Verdi Oeydest
  3. Where the Shadows Dwell
  4. Hyllest
  5. Crown of Deceit
  6. New Hate Dawns
  7. Ceremonial Incantation

Watch “Beyond the Skies of God” official track stream here: