With the End in Mind – Unraveling; Arising

In my mind, bands are always looking for something to distinguish their music from others. If one wants to stand out from a crowd of bands, that’s the only way possible. That’s a natural thing. As boundaries among styles have diminished consistently, in terms of music, everything seems to be valid. So, maybe, only maybe, bands can use even the most disparate ones. If it sounds good, then why not? That’s the path With the End in Mind chose. I don’t mean that the musical path With the End in Mind chose is poor. Not really. Don’t get me wrong. By disparate I mean diverse as life.

In “Unraveling; Arising” we see two different musical paths: standard black metal – represented by the mandatory hellish shrieking voice – and art rock – represented by the complex instrumental. In order to mix those two disparate musical styles, and make their music work, With the End in Mind decided to apply them as two separate organisms into their songs. So, some passages are inspired by art rock, others by black metal, except by “From the True Source” which mixes both. The outcome is as dense and dark as black metal; complex and beautiful as art rock. As a result, With the End in Mind work with two known dualities in the world: good (art rock) and evil (black metal); order (art rock) and chaos (black metal). Each one has its own moments. But isn’t life just like this?

Order appears, for instance, in “Wheeling, Endlessly Wheeling,” where lead voice acts as an angelical one and instrumental is perfectly ordered and smooth. Chaos is present in “Anguish Symmetry” where voice and guitars give the twisted way. Good and evil are embedded throughout “Unraveling; Arising” as a reflection of life itself. In fact, With the End in Mind intent is to show the intense struggle there is in real life among all those dualities. Therefore, there is no better musical style than black metal to represent it. “Unraveling; Arising” must be considered as a clear musical picture of reality as beautiful or ugly it may seem. It doesn’t matter how chaotic or ordered it appears to be. That’s life.

With the End in Mind “Unraveling; Arising” will arise to the real world on July 6th via Temple
of Torturous Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sings the Sky
  2. Anguish Symmetry
  3. Unraveling; Arising
  4. From the True Source
  5. Wheeling, Endlessly Wheeling

Watch “Sings the Sky” official video here: