ANGEL CITY ROCKERS Release Their S/T Album

Angel City Rockers an american rock band that embody everything you love in old school rock’n’roll. From their hard driving guitars to their catchy choruses. The Angel City Rockers have a long standing reputation as one of the premiere live bands on the Sunset Strip bring their high energy no holds barred brand of rock’n’roll to the stage of the world famous Whisky A GoGo. They are a Hollywood West Coast band that consist of all East Coast rockers and it’s this mixure of New York attitude combined with the West Coast Sunset Strip style that makes the Angel City Rockers hard drivin’ sound so raw. New York meets Hollywood are thus the Angel City Rockers are born.

The Angel City Rockers are fronted by lead vocalist Tommy Delaney a charasmatic frontman cut from same cloth as such legenday frontman  David lee Roth, VinceNeil, Roger Daltry, & Paul Stanley.   Frank Yanno plays double duty as the lead guitarist & producer of the “Angel City Rockers” album. Frank’s multi talented musician who’s guitar skills & recording prowess is the glue that brings all pieces together. On bass is bassist extrodiare Jose Ferro & on drums is the hard hitting Bobby Richards. Now with their self-titled debut album out the Angel City Rockers sound is available worldwide!


Tommy Delaney – Vocal
Frank Yanno – Lead Guitar
Jose Ferro – Bass
Bobby Richards– Drums

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