Attic – Sanctimonious

Attic’s “Sanctimonious” made a fool of me in the beginning. I read the band and album’s name and thought: “Hum, black metal! Ok, let’s go. I’m found of some.” And then comes the intro “Iudicium Dei” (God’s Judgement) which was pretty deceiving too. All those church organs made me sure Attic were some atmospheric or symphonic black metal band. To be truthful, it was only the singer who changed my mind. That is because title track, “Sanctimonious,” features a very similar guitar riffing to modern black metal bands. And how surprised I got when I realised Attic tourned out to be an old school Heavy Metal with a Merciful Fate punch. Well, for some still black metal, I guess. I wasn’t for no reason disappointed. Not at all. Attic are good, and “Sanctimonious” is a pretty good piece of Metal.

“Sanctimonious” is a thirteen tracked album, and all the songs follow the same concept: the story of Sister Alice (Age 21), Abbess Margaret (Age 71), Sister Joan (Age 28), and Prioress Clare (Age 43). A story full of lies, jealousy, freedom, deception, and, of course, religion criticism. The songs are pretty well built and full of twin guitars at their best. Throughout “Sanctimonious” lead guitars lines are amazing. It seems like they’re telling a story. “The Hound Of Heaven” is the highlight with its twin guitars leading and paving the way.

Two words about “Sanctimonious”: it is a concept album, and it’s pretty well built up! Listen Attic’s “Sanctimonious” with your eyes closed after reading the lyrics. Pay close attention to the musical direction. I bet you can see a film into your mind. Moreover, you can picture Sister Alice running away. I could even imagine Abbess Margaret ugly face. I’ve always thought that there are no creepiest places than convents. Try to picture “Sanctimonious” like a film or something. Great albums can make that happen. Creepy, isn’t it?

BTW, what a nice cover art. Make it an LP.

Track Listing:

  1. Iudicium Dei
  2. Sanctimonious
  3. A Serpent In The Pulpit
  4. Penalized
  5. Scrupulosity
  6. Sinless
  7. Die Engelmacherin
  8. A Quest For Blood
  9. The Hound Of Heaven
  10. On Choir Stalls
  11. Dark Hosanna
  12. Born From Sin
  13. There Is No God

Watch the official video “The Hound Of Heaven” here: