CAMBION ‘Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium’

Lavadome Productions proudly presents the debut album of international Death Metal project CAMBION!
Without any hesitation, it’s safe to say that “Conflagrate the Celestial Refugium” delivers an impeccable Death Metal blasphemy full of irresistible, top-tier musicianship and blasting intensity. The relentless hammering and piercing solos which assault the listener right at the beginning of the record do not fade out until the last second of the record. Along the way, though, CAMBION demonstrates different ways and advancements in how to create utter sonic destruction while retaining enough variety within and between the songs. When the last song of the album is over, there’s no doubt CAMBION belongs to a league of its own. There’s no room for mindless roaming in CAMBION’s music because every note and every mind-bending rhythm have been conceived with clear intent: To unleash maelstroms of ravaging Death Metal ferocity. It doesn’t matter if you listen to this record intuitively or attentively, it will sooner or later possess you with what metal has always been meant to be about: Pure adrenaline rush of ecstatic and highly addictive scorching energies of rebelling evil which injects the soul and leaves it longing for more. There’s actually no excuse for not playing this record over and over again!

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