Cavern Deep – Breach Review

Cavern Deep are the first Doom Metal entity of the year. Founded in 2019, by members from Zonaria and retro riffsters Gudars Skymning. The band released its first self-titled concept album through Interstellar Smoke Records to critical aclaim topping on #7 on The Doom Charts. The second album is called “Part II – Breach” and is a continuation on the concept of the first album and features Susie McMullan of Brume, Johannes Behndig of Sarcophagus Now and Thomas V Jäger of Monolord (On the bonus track). In fact, it’s these special features that “Breach” a non-typical Doom Metal album. They give it the special features – not a redundancy – to make it stand out from the crowd by adding elements that are more used in other Extreme Metal acts. As a plus, there is the ethereal space effects and white noise that give “Breach” another sense of being as it gets near the Psychedelic Rock arena.

Instrumentwise, “Breach” has lots of Doom Metal features. It’s slow, cadenced, and moody. As I said before, vocal special features are a game changer making it bounce from total Doom Metal tracks as “Sea of Rust” to “Primordial Basin” where Susie McMullan’s vocals change everything. The instrumentals are another game changer as they add the aforementioned ethereal space effects which give the album a proximity to Psychedelic Rock arena and, to some extent, to Prog Rock. It’s interesting how Cavern Deep deal with the weak and the strong chords to give an idea of movement that works pretty fine here. It makes their music to be full of ups and downs interwoven sometimes by striking guitar solos- the special flavor of many tracks here. There are tracks as “The Pulse” that really go deep with this idea of bringing ethereal components to the music. It’s the track that goes the most to Prog Rock with a strong taste of something experimental. The guitars giving the stronger moments of the song are a highlight.

It’s funny how sometimes the band name fits perfectly the music they do. The music in “Breach” is a total match with Cavern Deep. Deep Doom Metal album with some vocals that are really outstanding and make a huge difference.

Cavern Deep “Breach” will be released on July 14th via Bonebag Records.

Track Listing

  1. Breach
  2. Primordial Basin
  3. A World Bereaved
  4. Skeletal Wastes
  5. Sea of Rust
  6. The Pulse
  7. The Attuning

Watch “Skeletal Wastes” official music video here: