UNDER THE CHURCH Unearth “Supernatural Punishment”

Swedish defilers UNDER THE CHURCH unearth more deathly freshness of underworldly graves with their sophomore album “Supernatural Punishment”!
The revamped line-up consisting of Erik Wahlin from the recently resurrected Merciless, former Morbid-axeman Marcus Klack and the voice of Erik Sahlström (General Surgery, Crucifyre, etc) has inevitably strengthened the force of UNDER THE CHURCH being a more cohesive unit as well as their relentless live performances. “Supernatural Punishment” is undoubtedly the most diverse UNDER THE CHURCH record to date, but still keeping that razor-sharp Swedish Death Metal attack done the right way.
“Supernatural Punishment” was recorded, mixed and mastered in different studio locations between Studio Paradis, Studio Qlaque and Studio Strömsaahl, and features a cover artwork and layout by renowned Swedish illustrator Mattias Frisk (Ghost, Vanhelgd, Trap Them, Night, etc).
● Formed in 2012 with Nirvana 2002 key-members Erik Qvick and Lars Henriksson.
UNDER THE CHURCH released a 3-track demo in 2013 and caused a stir in the underground Metal community, receiving countless positive reviews everywhere.
UNDER THE CHURCH was featured in Darkthrone’s Fenriz’s “Band Of The Week” blog site.
● For fans of early Master, Nihilist, Autopsy, Nirvana 2002 and pure Swedish Death Metal!

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Track Listing:
1. The Stygian Horror (3:54)
2. Supernatural Punishment (2:59)
3. Ancient Ritual (3:27)
4. Staircase To Hell (3:00)
5. Vitalizing Funeral (3:19)
6. The Death Of Innocence (3:10)
7. Crypt Of Pelvises (2:59)
8. Wretched Disfigurement (3:58)
9. Silence Of The Shadows (3:18)

Erik Qvick – drums
Lars Henriksson – bass
Erik Sahlström – vocals
Erik Wallin – guitars
Marcus Klack – guitars

Under The Church and “Supernatural Punishment” will be unearthed on November 10th via Pulverised Records.