DAWNLIGHT Metal ‘Until the Dark Sun Rises’

Dawnlight started in 2016, as a collaboration between Javi Morales (Vocals, Guitar) and Néstor Valencia (Guitar).

This musical project began with the recording of a 4 songs EP named “Eternity” which would serve as and introduction to the band.

The musical style, self-called Symphonic/Power Metal, has several influences such as Stratovarius, Wintersun, Helloween, Ensiferum

In April 2017, after a successfull crowfunding campaign, the band managed to edit this first work in physical form. The EP had a really good reception nationaly and internationaly (Japan, Canada, U.S.A.), running out in just a few months, providing, thus, the oportunity to the duo later to expand to a five-piece when they added Andrés L.S. (Bass), Miguel X (Drums) and Joni Jester (Performance) to the line-up.

In February 2018 the presentation tour of “Eternity” debuted, with over 15 performances, including among them several national renowned festivals (Atalaya Rock fest, Galia Metal Fest, Bodega Rock Fest…) and several shows in halls of the Spanish territory, sharing the stage with bands such as Angelus Apatrida, Rage, Iron Savior,  God Dethroned, StormWarrior

In 2019, the released their first videoclip “Men in The Shadows,” as a preview of their debut album “Until the Dark Sun Rises,” which comes out in October 2019. After its launch, the band is preparing their first long tour which will carry them all over Spain and several european countries.

Band Line-Up:
Javi Morales (Vocals, Guitar)
Néstor Valencia (Guitar)
Andrés L.S. (Bass)
Miguel X (Drums)
Joni Jester (Performance)

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